Caitlyn Jenner Wishes Son Brody a Happy Birthday With the Cutest Photo!

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Happy birthday, Brody Jenner!

To celebrate her son's 32nd birthday, Caitlyn Jenner shared the most adorable photo of him as a child with blonde, curly hair.

"There's always been a smile on your face and a love for life. Love the blonde locks. Happy birthday son!" the former Olympian tweeted.

Brody also had a smile on his face when he spoke to ET at the ESPYs in July about Caitlyn's transition. 

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"[It's been] night and day," Brody said. "Big difference between Bruce and Caitlyn. Bruce had a lot of secrets, Caitlyn doesn't. It's just great to see Caitlyn in such great spirits finally. Living the life that she wants to live."
Brody shared that Caitlyn has become "much freer, much more open. It's like getting to know a whole new person… It has been a journey for all of us but it's been great. It's been a good one."

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There's no doubt that Brody has been a supportive son, but will Caitlyn make an appearance at his birthday party this weekend?

Brody tweeted out thanks for the birthday wishes and invited us all to The Bank in Las Vegas to help him celebrate on Saturday.

Check out the video below to hear Brody praise Caitlyn.

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