FLASHBACK: Josh Duggar Serenades Wife Anna With 'Loyalty Song' Before Ashley Madison Scandal

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In 2008, Josh Duggar sang "The Loyalty Song" to his wife Anna when they tied the knot on their TLC reality show, 19 Kids and Counting, in 2008,further adding to his self-proclaimed title as "the biggest hypocrite ever." ET has the video.

"I enjoyed hearing Josh singing 'The Loyalty Song' because loyalty is one of those fundamental, foundational keys in marriage," Anna said on the show at the time.

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In the clip, Josh speaks about the importance of loyalty before belting out the lyrics, "I'll be there, until the end with you // I'll do my best to be faithful and true."

The song has new meaning after Josh admitted to becoming unfaithful to Anna after it was revealed that he reportedly had two Ashley Madison accounts. Despite Josh's latest scandal, Anna is reportedly not likely to leave him anytime soon.

"According to sources, Anna is not someone who favors divorce," People magazine's Charlotte Triggs told ET. "She is very devoted to her husband and family and she wants to make it work. Anna's the kind of person who tries to figure out her role in anything. In this case, according to sources, she's probably looking at what she could have done to better counsel him through this whole situation."

Dr. Phil McGraw called Anna's thinking "wrong-headed" if she is blaming herself for her husband's actions. The TV host also weighed in on Josh's parents, who were reportedly blindsided by the cheating confession.

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"I know they are doing the best with what they believe," Dr. Phil told ET. "They are entitled to do that, but when the wheels are coming off, when things are not working, you got to ask, 'What can I do different?' Sometimes you parent and sometimes you re-parent."