EXCLUSIVE: John Krasinski and Emily Blunt Are Looking Forward to More Kids, But When?

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John Krasinski and Emily Blunt continue to prove they're one of the cutest couples in Hollywood.

ET caught up with the pair at the launch event for Rise Nation, a fitness studio opening in West Hollywood. Both were there to support Jason Walsh, who has worked with both halves of the superstar couple -- he trained Blunt for Edge of Tomorrow and has recently whipped Krasinski into shape for the upcoming Michael Bay movie, 13 Hours.

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"When I first went in there, I had a bad back, bad shoulders, bad everything," the 35-year-old actor reveals of Walsh, who they were introduced to by Matt Damon. "He said, 'Honestly, the only thing I really want is that you can be able to pick up your kids when you're 60, and you're not gonna have a bad back and rip your arms off.' He's all about keeping you healthy, you keeping you strong -- what he's doing has truly changed my life."

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Speaking of kids, will their be a sibling soon for the couple's 18-month-old daughter, Hazel?

"Hopefully one day we will!" Krasinski tell ET.

"One day. I don't know when,” Blunt adds. “We’ve got to give her some competition at some point."

Until then, Krasinski, and Blunt, 32, are focused on Hazel, but also getting their own kid-free date nights in.

"It's pretty much the same as everybody else's date night, other than the water slide of chocolate fudge, which we do every night," The Office star jokes. "No, we just go out and go to dinner."

The fun duo continued to kid around when ET asked them about their celeb crushes, which include their mutual love, Charlize Theron. "I've creeped her out," Blunt admits. "There’s probably no friendship future now. She's locking the doors on us. No, we love her. She's really special."

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As for their guy crush, that special place in the actors' hearts is held for Bryan Cranston. "Every day of the week," Blunt says. "We're late to the table watching Breaking Bad. Now we're really kicking in. It's the beauty of binge-watching."

Now we know where their next date night will be: on the couch watching Netflix. Someone tell Charlize Theron!