Jon Stewart Hosts SummerSlam, Plus 7 Celebrities That Have Made Their Mark on the WWE

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For professional wrestling fans, August means that WWE's annual event SummerSlam is upon us. The Undertaker will seek out revenge against Brock Lesnar, and the The Bella Twins will lead a battle against the women of Team PCB and B.A.D.

Courage will be tested, and wars shall be waged, but first, a very surprising celebrity host will hold it all together: Super fan and former host of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart.

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Stewart has been making appearances with the WWE for some time now, including a fantastic spot on Monday Night Raw to confront WWE Champion Seth Rollins, who had mocked the comedian's retirement announcement.

Stewart isn't the only high profile name that has made waves and gotten involved in the WWE, however. Here are seven of the most surprising -- and fun -- times that celebrities have styled and profiled in the ring.

1. Stephen Amell

The star of The CW's Arrow is not only appearing in tonight's SummerSlam, but he'll actually be teaming with fellow acrobat wrestling hero Neville to settle a score with the nefarious duo of Stardust and King Barrett.

2. Mr. T

Back in the ’80s, the star of The A Team and Rocky 3 teamed with a pre foot-in-mouth Hulk Hogan in the main event of WWE's first star-studded event. Muhammad Ali, Cyndi Lauper and Liberace also made appearances.

3. Maria Menounos

The best celebrity appearances in wrestling, like Stewart and Amell, involve genuine fans. Menounos is a die-hard, and she's locked up with the women's division in WWE at Wrestlemania as well as the company's annual Tribute to the Troops. A highlight from her many pop-ins is her reciting of the late Dusty Rhodes' famous "Hard Times" promo alongside the clearly delighted legend.

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4. Donald Trump

Well before his race for the White House, Donald Trump engaged WWE owner Vince McMahon in a "Battle of the Billionaires," which was shockingly not brought up at the recent Republican debate. Each rich guy selected a champion to compete on their behalf, and the loser would have to be shaved bald. Sorry, McMahon!

5. The Muppets

The Muppets hosted a special Halloween edition of Monday Night Raw in 2011. It was delightful, because what else would you expect from the Muppets?

6. Will Forte, Kristen Wiig & Ryan Phillipe

The cast of MacGruber showed up on Raw to promote their movie. Will Forte, Kristen Wiig, and Ryan Phillippe interacting in character with the WWE roster made for some very bizarre television.

7. Leslie Nielsen

In the early '90s, WWE's resident wrestling undead wizard, The Undertaker, went missing, and he was suspiciously replaced by a new undead wizard named ... The Undertaker. It was so suspicious, in fact, that Leslie Nielsen was called in to find the real deal. The deadpan detective went full Naked Gun, complete with noir voiceover and cameos from his Police Squad buddies to solve the mystery.

With those kind of appearances already under WWE's belt, we can only imagine what Stewart will bring to the celebrity crazy table!

Before you watch Stewart rule Summerslam tonight, tear up a bit by reliving his Daily Show sign-off in the video below.

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