You Need to Hear This Girl's Flawless Beyonce Impression


Well, if Beyoncé isn’t going to talk anytime soon, this will have to do.

Mrs. Carter herself is on the cover of Vogue’s highly coveted September Issue -- the most important issue of any fashion magazine each year -- and even still, they could not get an interview with B. Maybe she’s finally realized she doesn’t have to speak with us plebeians anymore.

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Anyway, this is Jade Novah, an actress, Instagram comedian, and talented singer in her own right. You might even say she’s aca-amazing.

More importantly, her impressions of Bey are spot-on. Like, if you close your eyes and just listen to this, you’d think, “When did Beyoncé start advertising for Life Alert?”

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Jade's been working on her Beyoncé impression for a while now. She actually created a whole character around it, Keyoncé Bowles, who is “the untalented, Siamese twin of the Queen Bey.”

The sentence, “I used a stapler” has never made us laugh so hard.

Find out more about Beyoncé’s Vogue September Issue now:

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