Anna Duggar's Brother Slams Josh Duggar: 'I Won't Stop Trying to Get That Pig Out of Our Family'

Anna Duggar's brother goes on a Facebook rant against Josh Duggar.

Although Anna Duggar has so far chosen to remain silent regarding her husband Josh Duggar's confession last Thursday that he was "unfaithful" to her, and had become addicted to watching pornography on the Internet, it's a different story when it comes to her older brother, Daniel Keller.

In response to Jessa Seewald's Facebook post preaching forgiveness on Sunday, Keller made his thoughts known with multiple comments of his own. "You have to confess and forsake your sin to have mercy. Not sin confess and repeat," Daniel wrote. " ... Confessing and getting caught are two different things."


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When a Facebook user called him out for possibly being hypocritical if he's also lied more than once in his life, Daniel replied, "I know that my sin sent Jesus to the cross just as did Josh sin. But think for a min about the victims. Tell me how you would feel if someone cheated on your sister and brought so much disgrace to you and ur family. And when you done that. Go to hell you prik."

According to Daniel, Anna has no plans to leave Josh.

"I told her I would go get her and let her and her children stay w me," he wrote about his younger sister and her four kids with Josh: Mackynzie, 5, Michael, 4, Marcus, 2, and 1-month-old Meredith Grace. "She said she's staying where she's at. But I won't stop trying to get that pig out of our family. ... I have been thinking of her and sick to my stomach for her for last few days."

"I don't think Josh will see that this is a big deal and be truly broken till [Anna moving out] happens," he added. "I bet my life on the fact that Josh has not come to true brokenness yet."

Daniel laid some of the blame on his and Anna's parents, Mike and Suzette Keller. "My parents are preaching stay w him," Daniel wrote. "They're more interested in how their daughter getting a divorce will make them look than they are in trying to truly get Josh some help and getting Anna and the kids out of there till he has gotten that help."


Though Anna has remained silent, she is reportedly "fully and permanently committed to her marriage and her children," despite Josh's latest stunning confession, which came after Gawker reported that he was tied to two Ashley Madison accounts. "Maybe not publicly, ever, but privately, there will be some suggestion of whether or not she should have been more aware of the pressures Josh was under, of the issues he was facing, and how she could have better counseled him or helped him," a source tells People about Anna being likely to even "absorb some of the blame" on herself. "Divorce is not even something that will be discussed."

Josh and Anna have been married since September 2008. Anna previously stood by her husband in May, when he admitted to molesting five young girls (four of whom were his younger sisters) as a teenager. "[I know] who Josh really is -- someone who had gone down a wrong path and had humbled himself before God and those whom he had offended," Anna previously said. "Someone who had received the help needed to change the direction of his life and do what is right."

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