Demi Lovato Debuts 'Confident' Album With the Help of Her Famous Friends


The "Skyscraper" singer has never looked sexier on an album cover.

Demi Lovato titled her new album, Confident, and after gawking at her its cover, we can see why!

The 23-year-old singer posted the smokin' hot Confident photo along with the track listing to Instagram on Wednesday. "You ready for this?" she asked her Lovatics. "NEW ALBUM OCTOBER 2015 #Confident."

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Not only that, but Lovato also got a slew of stars with tons of Twitter followers to promote her new music. Boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, Ryan Seacrest, Hailee Steinfeld, Iggy Azalea, Jennifer Lopez, Nick Jonas and Kim Kardashian all helped get the word out about the album.

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Well, are you "ready for this?"

Expect lots of empowering songs on Lovato's new album. The "Cool For the Summer" singer sat down with ET in March, and revealed that being a role model is something she takes very seriously.

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“I feel like every public figure has been put in the public because they are meant for more than just singing," she said. "I had a lot of people that I looked up to when I was younger that weren't the best role models, so for me, it's a responsibility to hold myself accountable and to be that inspiration for young girls and even people who are older than me."