EXCLUSIVE: Amber Rose Sets the Record Straight on Partying With Kardashians, Her Reality Show and Wiz Khalifa'

The 31-year-old model showed off her new sunglasses, but did she throw any shade?

Amber Rose sets the rumors straight!

ET caught up with the blonde beauty at Kitson in West Hollywood on Thursday, where she was celebrating her line of sunglasses. The shades are available at AmberRoseEyewear.com, and feature solid colors. Rose says she’s been collecting sunglasses for years, but could never find what she was looking for. "I did red on red, gold on gold, silver on silver … a lot of lines don't actually have that,” she said. “I just decided to do my own!”

But Amber often has to deal with other types of shade! Several outlets reported that Rose was at NBA player (and boyfriend to Khloe Kardashian) James Harden’s birthday party earlier this week, odd considering the Kardashian clan and Rose's ex Kanye West were all present, and Rose has a tumultuous history with the group.

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When asked about those rumors, Rose shot down the reports. “Why would I be at his birthday party?” she said. “That's just a fake rumor people want to believe, but it's not true. … I was not there. … That doesn't even make sense.”

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She also addressed talk that she’ll star in a reality show with best pal Blac Chyna, who was on hand to support her Thursday. Rose was coy, only confirming her production company has a deal in place with MTV. “I work really hard, I raise my son, I like to have fun, and Chyna's my bestie,” she says. “We have a lot of stuff in common, so if we decide to do a reality show, that's what it would be.”

Rose is mom to toddler Sebastian, whose dad is her ex Wiz Khalifa. The former couple remain close and co-parenting is “easy,” she says – they even live down the street from each other!

“It makes it really easy to work around each other's schedules,” she says. “We kind of work 24 hours a day, but we make a lot of time to spend with our baby because we both love him so much.”

Rose is supportive of the rapper, revealing she called him “immediately” after hearing he’d been arrested for riding a hoverboard at an airport Aug. 22. “It was just ridiculous,” she says. “For a police officer or officers to manhandle him like that ... I know him ... He wasn't resisting, they just want to make it seem like that. It actually really hurt my feelings watching that. But he's good; he's a tough guy.”

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The model and mogul is tough in her own right. She’s also busy prepping for the Amber Rose Slut Walk, set for Los Angeles on October 3. “It brings awareness to a lot of men and women that [slut-shaming, victim blaming, rape and sexual assault happen] every single day,” she says. “It has happened to me on so many different levels. … I really have been through some things. ... I lived it. Maybe one day I'll tell me story. Until then I feel like if I can just help other women get through what they've been through, then that can also help me get to the next level in my life.”

Rose is always herself, through and through. We even asked her about that recent photo she posted wearing a wig – and she says she’ll never change her hair! “I’m bald-headed forever,” she said. To see the pic and learn more about Rose, watch the vid below!