Brad Pitt and His Lookalike Son Knox Show Up at MotoGP British Grand Prix Race in England

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Brad Pitt spent some one-on-one time with his 7-year-old son Knox at the MotoGP British Grand Prix Race at Silverstone in England on Sunday.

The father-of-six
was super attentive to his lookalike son as they got the VIP treatment at the races. Pitt was seen with his trademark newsboy hat while Knox donned some bright yellow headphones to shield his ears from the noise of the race.

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Pitt's appearance at the event came just days ahead of the release of the documentary Hitting the Apex, which the 51-year-old actor narrated. The father-son duo was accompanied by the film's director, Mark Neale.

Pitt even spoke at the Grand Prix and shared his excitement over the upcoming documentary.

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"Well, first of all I want to say great to be here at Silverstone and we're here for Mark Neal's film and he's made a great one, another great one. It's exhilarating. It's really moving," he said. "It's got a universal mythological tale to it and we're really proud to get it out there. I'm telling you, the hardcore fans are going to love it. The newcomers to the sport are going to love it and we're really proud."

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Continuing to gush over the director, Angelina Jolie's husband added, "Mark's been on this for several years as a documentarian, but, for me, it was a great excuse to get in the editing room with him and work with him and amazing footage."

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Pitt is definitely one of the ultimate family men in Hollywood. This past year, ET asked the A-list actor how he was liking married life, of which he replied simply, "It doesn't suck."

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