Miley Cyrus Exposed Her Nipple Live During the 2015 VMAs!

"Oh what's happening? Oh sorry, my tit's out?"

Miley Cyrus
saved the best for last -- and by "best" we mean a nip-slip.

After more than two hours of rocking outrageously risqué outfits as the host of the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, the 22-year-old singer exposed her nipple on camera for the entire world to see.

Just seconds after Taylor Swift won the award for Best Music Video for star-studded "Bad Blood" collaboration, the camera switched over to Cyrus who was covering herself with a black curtain from her dressing room.

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A member of the MTV crew then handed Cyrus a microphone and when she turned back to the camera, her left nipple was clearly seen on screen.

As the camera quickly cut away, Miley was heard saying into to mic, "Oh what's happening? Oh sorry, my tit's out?"

At the end of the VMAs Miley shocked audiences again, but this time it was for an entirely different reason. The pint-size singer hit the stage for a colorful performance and announced that she had dropped a brand new album online.

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is now streaming Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz, and it features some very interesting song titles -- and a collaboration with Big Sean! See the track list below and listen to the album here.

Whether Cyrus' nip-slip was intentional or not is still to be determined, but we know one thing for sure… she's just being Miley!

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