Kanye West's VMA Speech Re-cut as a Stand-up Comedy Set Works Astonishingly Well

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Listen to the kids, bro!

Kanye West gave a life-changing speech at the 2015 MTV VMA Awards to accept his Video Vanguard award, which was at times bizarre, often inspiring, and always so viscerally real.

While we would not trade a second of that moment in human history for anything, it is worth noting that David Elmaleh posted a video of his speech cut down into a tight stand-up comedy track, complete with audience laughter and applause, and it fits terrifyingly well.

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The edited speech works perfectly as a bonafide HBO stand-up comedy special. Kanye's delivery, emotion, and animated behavior all seem like he could absolutely kill over at the Laugh Factory. And the part where Kanye West admits to "rolling up a little something" before getting on stage.... well, we could just watch that again, and again, and again. Eternal.

Now, if you add in Seinfeld music, as a Twitter user did, it only enhances the experience even more.

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More of these need to keep being made. Watching re-cut versions of Kanye's VMA's speech is the only way we ever want to spend our time now.

For the record, if his stand-up career doesn't launch, there are still those who fully support Kanye's presidential bid. Friend and frequent collaborator Rihanna told ET on Monday,"I mean people are voting for [Donald] Trump," adding, "Who wouldn't vote for Kanye?!"

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Kanye, please never, ever, EVER change.

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Relive the historical speech below.

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