Here's Who Each Disney Princess Should Have Actually Ended Up With

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Happily ever after?

Disney movies more often end with the princess settling for any “ever after.” These ladies aren’t concerned with finding the right man; mostly because there is only ever one man to be found. So who should each princess have ended up with? The obvious answer: No man. Because sisters are doing it for themselves these days.

But if they must, we’ve mixed and matched the perfect pairs below...

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Snow White and Prince Charming

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Let’s be real: Snow is a basic b*tch. She's the type of princess who falls in love at first sight. Well, Prince Charming is as basic a paramour as it gets. That said, he seems like he would be more accepting of seven random dudes in Snow’s life than, perhaps, Florian would be.

Cinderella and Eric

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Cinderella has been through a lot. Not that she’ll want to keep cleaning the chimney once she’s royalty, but she needs a man who knows what it’s like to work for something. Eric is an accomplish mariner on top of being a prince. She is a complicate woman that deserves more than just charm.

Aurora and Prince Florian

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Because they’re both pretty, but boring AF.

Ariel and Prince Philip

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When Ariel dreamt of being part of our world, she probably imagined herself with a prince more like Philip. He’s stereotypically romantic, heroic, and a great dancer. (Dancing always was important to Ariel.) More important, he loves his dad but is willing to defy him for true love. Just like she does!

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Belle and Kristoff

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They're both outsiders, having grown up not feeling understood by the people around them, and now march to the beat of their own drum. Possibly because of this -- or in spite of it -- they have hearts of gold and see the good in everyone else. That said, Belle ain’t taking orders from no man -- and Kristoff has no orders to give. It works.

Jasmine and Flynn Rider

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They both want what the other has: Jasmine wants thrills, which Flynn is more than qualified to provide. Flynn wants to accustom himself to the finer things in life, which Jasmine knows very well. (C’mon, she has a pet tiger.)

Pocahontas and The Beast

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Pocahontas always saw the good in people -- even when there was little good to be seen. So she would have gotten through to the Beast’s compassionate, loving core a lot quicker than Belle. The rest of their time together they could spend hunting or walking around in forests or other shared hobbies.

Mulan and John Smith

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Mulan is a strong, independent woman and that’s exactly the type of lady that John Smith seems to be looking for. Plus, neither thinks twice about sacrificing themselves to help those around them -- so the old adage, “I trust you with my life” would doubly apply to this relationship.

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Tiana and Li Shang

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There are no two Disney characters more career-driven than these two. They're all about hard work and doing things the honorable way, so would each be understanding of the other’s work obligations. Plus, Li Shang needs a strong-willed woman to put him in his place from time to time and Tiana is the strongest willed.

Rapunzel and Aladdin

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Rapunzel spent the first 18 years of her life locked up in a tower. So when she finally breaks free, she’s looking for adventure. She wants to experience the wonder in life, and if magic carpet rides with Aladdin don’t elicit wonder, we don’t know what would. Flynn, on the other hand, seems content to never have another escapade, if it’s financially possible.

Anna and Prince Naveen

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With Naveen, Anna could actually end up ruling a country (Maldonia), instead of being Elsa’s spare heir. But that’s not why they should be together: They’re both kind of immature, admittedly, but, more importantly, they both approach life with a carpe diem mentality of wanting to enjoy every moment to the fullest. At the very least, they both love to party.

Elsa and Any Man She Wants

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We’re using a picture of Hercules, because if you could choose any man you want, wouldn’t you choose Hercules?

Anyway, did you know that Elsa and Anna have a brother named...Tarzan?!