Ronda Rousey Happily Accepts Marine's Invitation to Marine Corps Ball: 'Yeah, He's Cute!'

"It's a yes."

Ronda Rousey has a date with a Marine!

The 28-year-old UFC champ accepted an invite to the Marine Corps Ball by Jarrod Haschert, a Marine stationed in Camp Lejune, North Carolina, after his Facebook video dedication to her went viral.

"You are my celebrity crush, like, I love everything you do and I think that you are a phenomenal person, which is why it would be my honor to take you to the Marine Corps Ball on December 11th," Haschert says in the video, which has been viewed over five million times. "I really hope this doesn't get in the way of your training for your fight in January, but I hope you take this in consideration, because if you do, you will truly be making my dream come true."

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Hey guys, I'm trying to take Ronda Rousey to the Marine Corps Ball this year and I need your help to reach out to her and her fans. Please share this post and video. Thank you!!

Posted by Jarrod Hash on Saturday, August 22, 2015

Rousey responded in a new video posted by TMZ, confirming that she's indeed free now that her upcoming fight against Holly Holm has been moved up to Nov. 14.

... And she's totally all in.

"I was like, I can't go anyway because I'm in camp, but the fight got moved so I actually can go, but I don't know how to hit him up and say, like, 'Yeah, I wanna go with you!'" she says. "Yeah I would totally go, for sure. ... It's a yes."

And judging from her reaction to Haschert's video, it's possible sparks could fly that night -- if he's a gentleman.

"Yeah, he's cute!" Rousey smiles. "He's gotta be a gentleman, you know? I'm not a first date kind of girl but I don't know, we'll see when I meet him."

Though there's one stipulation -- the handsome Marine will also need dates for Rousey's three gal-pals. "He needs to find dates for my girls, then we'll all go," she says.

Something tell us, that won't be a problem.

ET caught up with Rousey in March, when she talked about her single status. "They're demanding an explanation for me being single," she told ET's Kevin Frazier. "They're like, 'You're single? Explain yourself!' I'm like, 'Why? I'm busy, man. I've got some stuff to do. I'm really busy.'"

"Of course I want to meet somebody one day," she added. "I am an ovarian gold mine. Genetically I owe it to the human race to reproduce."

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