Kate Gosselin Weighs in on Justin Bieber's Copycat Hair: 'He Can Have It'

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Kate Gosselin couldn't be more thrilled about the obvious resemblance between her much-talked about former 'do to the sideswept hairstyle Justin Bieber was rocking at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday.

The 40-year-old reality star gave her thoughts on all the hilarious comparisons that have been cropping up -- which Justin himself pointed out when he posted a shot of the two side-by-side on Instagram, though it's since been deleted.

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"I do see some resemblance to my former hairstyle -- Justin's is a current take on it, yes!" Kate tells Cosmopolitan. "And it's OK, he can have it!"

"Honestly, for me there wasn't a lot of 'styling' that went into it," she adds about how she achieved the memorable look. "It was more of a way to avoid having all-day bed head when my focus was on eight kids, all of whom were 5 years old and younger. I got up and it looked the same as when I went to sleep! With this style, I think Justin may have more time to focus on his music and less on his hair!"

Kate says Justin's acknowledgement of her on Instagram, however brief, has made her a "cool mom" -- especially when it comes to her 14-year-old twins with her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, Cara and Madelyn.

"My girls are beyond thrilled that he Instagrammed pics of us," she admits. "To top it off, Mady found his Instagram at the same time as I did this morning -- on the bus on the way to school, no less. Her response was, 'MOTHER, WHAT THE HECK?' in all caps, which I interpreted as approval and excitement!"

Interestingly enough, this isn't the first encounter the mother-of-eight has had with the 21-year-old "What Do You Mean?" singer. The unlikely pair actually met a few years ago.

"All I remember was that he was really polite and sweet," she recalls. "I applaud him for a whirlwind, successful career that began when he was very young. Everyone makes mistakes, and they never go unnoticed when you're in the public eye, but as a mom, I wish him the very best in everything he does in life!"

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