Stephen Colbert Mocks Jeb Bush Fundraiser for Raising 'Money Off My First Show'

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Stephen Colbert
has enlisted quite the eclectic group of guests for his first week hosting The Late Show. There’s Scarlett Johansson and SpaceX genius Elon Musk. There’s Amy Schumer and Uber CEO Travis Kalanick. But first, it all kicks off on Sept. 8 with George Clooney and...Jeb Bush?

"Or as the tabloids have coined them, 'Jeborge Clush,'" Colbert jokes in a new YouTube video, where he proceeds to mock the presidential hopeful for hosting a contest wherein Jeb! supporters can donate for the chance to win a ticket to The Stephen Colbert Late Show.

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Colbert explains that if you donate a minimum of $3 to Jeb Bush’s campaign -- “And if you can’t afford $3, you’re probably not voting for Jeb Bush.” -- you could be flown out to New York, get a VIP ticket to the first taping, and have dinner with Bush’s national finance co-chair.

"As the Governor points out in his email, this is a huge chance to see the very first Stephen Colbert Late Show which now apparently now has a 'new host,'" he continues. "Gosh, I hope it’s Amy Schumer. She is hilarious!"

“I think the contest is a great idea, but here’s the thing,” he says. “No one from Jeb’s campaign asked me if this was OK with me to raise money off my first show.”

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“Where’s my cut of that sweet three bucks, Governor?” Colbert asks, adding that the “house always gets its beak wet.” “Well, two can play at this contest, sir,” he adds.

Now, Colbert has launched the “Jeb Bush on The Stephen Colbert Late Show Raffle,” where fans can donate at least $3 -- with proceeds going to Yellow Ribbon Fund, a nonprofit that supports injured vets upon their arrival home -- for a chance to attend the first show.

“Plus, [the winner] will get to submit one, non-obscene question that I will ask Governor Bush on their behalf,” he sweetens the pot. “For example, one question might be, ‘Don’t you wish you’d consulted Stephen before launching your contest?’”

Jeb Bush has since responded, saying he will lower his entry fee to $1 and make a donation to the Yellow Ribbon Fund.

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