Rosie O'Donnell's Daughter Chelsea Asks Judge to Be Reunited With the Man She Was Found With

Chelsea O'Donnell supports Steven Sheerer, the man she was found with in August after she was found missing.

Rosie O'Donnell's family drama is getting more complicated.

The 53-year-old former View co-host's 18-year-old daughter, Chelsea O'Donnell, showed up in a New Jersey court on Friday, to show her support for Steven Sheerer, the 25-year-old man she was found with after she was went missing in August. Last Monday, Sheerer was charged with third-degree distribution of obscenity to a minor and third-degree endangering the welfare of a child, as Chelsea was only 17 at the time. The obscenity charge stems from a nude photo Sheerer reportedly sent to Chelsea in their online communication before she ran away from home.

"She came to court today in person and the judge spoke to her," Sheerer's attorney, Robert Tarver, told ET about Chelsea's court appearance on Friday. "We presented the judge with a certification from Chelsea O’Donnell, herself, indicating that she said to this guy, number 1, they communicated through Tinder, and she represented that she was 19 years old on Tinder."

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"She verified she was 18 now, but 17 at the time of contact," Tarver added. "She verified how she met him -- through Tinder -- verified he didn't know what age she was, and she never told him the truth on that."

Chelsea also asked the judge to remove The Nicole Law, a court provision barring her from seeing Sheerer, which the judge agreed to.

"She appealed to the judge to remove the no contact order due to the fact that she is an adult now," Ocean County Prosecutor's Office press officer, Al Della Fave, told ET on Friday. "Her birthday has passed and she felt the subject would pose no harm to her."

"She wants to be able to have a continued relationship with Mr. Sheerer," Tarver said.

A source from inside the courtroom told ET that as soon as court was done, Chelsea immediately went over to Sheerer's mother, who was present, and gave her a big hug.

Sheerer's bail was significantly reduced from $40,000 to $10,000 at Friday's court appearance, and Tarver said he expects his client will be out of jail later today. "What happens next is the case goes to grand jury, and if they decide it is appropriate to bring charges, then he and his attorney will need to decide how they want to plead the case," Della Fave said.

Chelsea is currently living with her birth mother, Deanna Micoley, who gave her up for adoption in 1997. "Chelsea made a decision when she turned 18 that she wanted to go to her birth mother," Rosie’s spokesperson, Cindi Berger, said in a statement to ET. "This was her choice."

Sheerer -- who lives at home in Barnegat, New Jersey, with his mother -- met Chelsea online, a source close to the situation previously told ET. He's also been in trouble with the law before. He previously served 53 days in jail and two years probation in 2013 after being charged with third-degree possession of heroin with the intent to distribute, third-degree possession of heroin, third-degree endangering the welfare of a child and possession of drug paraphernalia. ET can confirm he also pleaded guilty to possession of heroin in 2012, serving two years' concurrent probation.

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Watch the video below for more on Chelsea's decision to live with her birth mother.