Hugh Jackman Brings Back the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

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Watch Wolverine get chilled for a great cause!

Hugh Jackman is the first famous person to get wet for charity in 2015's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Dressed in a bow tie and white dress shirt, the actor kickstarted the second round of fundraising by drenching himself with water in a fancy bathtub.

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"Bring it on," the actor shouts before getting absolutely soaked. He also jokes about being late to the party. The Instragram tags include #MND, which is a reference to Australia's group that helps people with motor neuron diseases.

Let's all agree that watching Wolverine shake ice-cubs off his perfect head is pretty delightful.

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Everyone remembers the big push last year as the Ice Bucket craze took social media by storm. In an effort to raise money for ALS research, participants either doused themselves in water or donated money to The ALS Association, and then challenged several friends to take up the next round.

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Thousands of videos went live in a matter of days, featuring everyone from celebrities to regular folks. There was also a push-back, as some criticized the impact dumping cold water on heads would have on raising money.

The final total of last year's fundraising, according to The ALS Association, was $115 million.

The other major criticism of the campaign involved the wasting of water, especially during California's drought, which explains why later videos have moved to swimming pools and even, in Matt Damon's case, toilet water.

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Hugh participated in the challenge last year, posting a video from the set of Pan alongside co-star Rooney Mara.

Check out this helpful video from The ALS Association with specific instructions on How to Bucket in 2015!