Beyonce Keeps Her Crown At Nostalgic First Concert of 2015

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excited a huge crowd in Philadelphia when she performed her first real concert of 2015 during the Made in America Festival.

Queen Bey lived up to her title on Saturday, putting a new spin on her major hits. She kicked off her set with the darker 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack-version of "Crazy in Love" -- which included a slinky, sexy entrance to the stage -- before delighting fans with the original rendition.

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While fans didn't hear any new music or get a collaboration from Jay Z, which many expected as her husband was the one who put on the festival, they did get to hear some old Destiny's Child favorites like "Survivor" and "Say My Name."

Much like Beyonce's past performances, this one was heavy on feminist themes. She interspersed inspirational words from Maya Angelou and Ronda Rousey into the set, and even sent out dedications to her former Destiny's Child bandmates before launching into "Survivor."

"Shout-out to my girl Kelly, I love you. My girl Michelle, I love you," she said on stage. "If you survived bad relationships, if you survived illnesses. When it gets tough, that's when you work harder."

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What Jay Z did do, however, was excitedly sing and dance along during his wife's epic show, which took place one day after Bey's 34th birthday.

How sweet is that?!

One other A-list fan was also stoked to watch the whole performance -- Nicki Minaj! She posted on Instagram throughout Beyonce's concert, at one point talking a video selfie with a friend while lip syncing along to "Halo."

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The "Anaconda" rapper also took the stage at Made in America, making a guest appearance during her boyfriend Meek Mill's set earlier in the day.

One thing's for sure -- Bey had a pretty great birthday weekend! Watch the video below to see which songs her family dedicated to her on Friday.

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