EXCLUSIVE: Anna Duggar 'Puts a Smile On' for Friends & Family as She Steps Out Without Josh

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Sunday must have been a difficult day for Anna Duggar.

The mother of four brought her children and accompanied her in-laws first to their 11 a.m. church service in Arkansas, then to her cousin-in-law Amy's nearby wedding to Dillon King that evening. Both events had heavy connections to Anna.

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First, at Cross Church, Pastor Jeff Crawford gave his congregation what one eyewitness described as a "fiery" sermon about pornography, which Crawford called a "secret sin.” Anna's husband, Josh Duggar, confessed in a statement released last month to being unfaithful to his wife and becoming addicted to “viewing pornography on the Internet,” a revelation that has since been removed. Anna was in the crowd listening as Crawford said, "I know there are some folks in here today -- pornography is a deal in your life."

Josh, who is seemingly still in treatment for sex addiction, wasn't there Sunday, leaving Anna to look after their young children on her own, albeit with help from extended family. She wore a blue shirt and a long khaki-colored skirt, and greeted fellow churchgoers with a smile. Anna even posed for a family photo up front after the service. The Duggars were the last to leave the church, piling into a van and heading back in the direction of their home in Tontitown.

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As for rumors that Anna is holed up in a mountain home, a source close to the family tells ET that's likely not the case right now. "I don't know for sure because the family is staying so quiet," the source says. "But she's probably with Jim Bob and Michelle." Anna's in-laws publicly declared their support for her as Josh entered treatment.

Anna still seemed upbeat as guests gathered for Amy Duggar's wedding at Horton Farms Sunday evening. She chatted with family and took a seat with them, but as the ceremony began, her happy energy seemed to fade.

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The man who married Amy and Dillon told the pair to be "open, honest and faithful" in marriage. He advised that they go "all in" for both each other and Jesus. He told the newlyweds marriage is about being "only with each other for the rest of your lives."

"Anna definitely looked somber during the ceremony," an eyewitness tells ET. "She was watching and listening, and she just looked kind of sad."

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The former reality star ducked out quickly after -- she wasn't seen at the reception. "Bless her heart," a source close to the Duggar family says. "She tried to put a smile on, but what it must have been like for her to be at a wedding…"

According to sources, Josh is in a treatment center in Rockford, Illinois. Anna has not spoken publicly since his cheating scandal broke.