The Summer of Celebrity Heartbreak: By The Numbers

Breaking down star splits with cold, analytic data.

This summer will undoubtedly go down as one of the worst seasons for celebrity splits in years, with some of Hollywood's hottest couples calling it quits left and right.

ET broke down the summer of celeb heartbreak by the numbers, and took a look at the analytical side of star separations.

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Here are a few hard numbers to look at when considering the string of splits:

15 - Total Number of breakups.

9 - Couples who split that were dating.

6 - Married couples who separated or divorced.

9 - Number of musicians who split up.

15 - Number of actors who called it quits.

3 - Number of reality stars who broke up.

1 - Number of beauty queens who split with their partners (specifically Olivia Culpo, who broke up with Nick Jonas in June).

2 - Number of Muppets who couldn't make it work.

25 - Total number of major awards won by the stars who have split up (including five Oscars, five Emmys, nine GRAMMYs, and six Golden Globes).

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It looks like the combined net worth of all couples that split this summer totals well over $1 billion. The costliest split of all appears to be between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, who will have to divide up approximately $135 million in assets.

The couple that broke up who had been together the longest were country music legend Reba McEntire and her husband Narvel Blackstrock, who were married for 26 years.

Watch the video to see which breakups were the most shocking, and which are going to be the toughest to sort out.

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For more on the summer of celebrity heartbreak, check out the video below.