EXCLUSIVE: Josh Duggar Has 'No Remorse' For Being Unfaithful to Anna

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Josh Duggar is reportedly still in treatment for sex addiction, and was noticeably absent from Duggar family events including church services and the wedding of his cousin Amy Duggar in Arkansas over the weekend. But while Josh's public statements have been filled with apologies for viewing porn online – a confession that has since been removed – and being unfaithful to his wife, Anna, a source close to the Duggar family tells ET Josh has "no remorse."

"No remorse," the source says. "He is not the person everyone thought they knew."

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Josh even joked about the molestation allegations when they first came to light earlier this year, the source tells ET. The Duggar family has also discovered that Josh had multiple social media profiles through Facebook, OKCupid and other sites. Because Josh traveled for work "all the time," the source says it wouldn't be surprising if multiple mistresses reveal themselves.

"Anna didn't check up on Josh because she trusted him," the source says. "When she found out about the cheating, she just cried."

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Porn star Danica Dillon has alleged that Josh paid her to have sex with him twice, and that during one of those times, he was "violent." Dillon spoke to ET exclusively earlier this month, revealing that Josh did not acknowledge that he had a wife and four children when she was with him. "He did not bring them up once," Dillon said.

Josh's actions have taken an obvious toll on not only Anna, but also his extended family. Their hit TLC reality show, 19 Kids and Counting, was canceled earlier this year. Amy Duggar's new husband, Dillon King, tells ET he's been approached by strangers on Twitter about possible accounts operated by Josh.

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"I have random people contacting me asking me about multiple Twitter accounts and whether they're Josh's," he says. "When I look, these accounts are full of tweets about porn."

Still, family members are encouraging Anna Duggar to forgive her husband, according to sources close to the Duggar family.

At the family's church service on Sunday, their pastor, Jeff Crawford, echoed that sentiment. After giving what an eyewitness called a "fiery" sermon about the "secret sin" of pornography, Crawford told the crowd, "We're for forgiveness. There is no judgment here."

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