George Clooney Admits He's Amal's Trophy Husband in Colbert's 'Late Show' Debut

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Stephen Colbert
welcomed George Clooney as his very first guest on his Late Show debut on Tuesday, and the new host didn’t miss a beat!

Colbert, shedding his conservative Colbert Report persona, grilled Clooney – looking tan and sporting a new goatee – on his marriage to human rights lawyer Amal.

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“What is it like to be the arm candy in a relationship, because she’s the very serious person?” Colbert asked Clooney. “She must say like, ‘We’re going to meet extremely intelligent people tonight – these are not show folk. Just be shiny and pretty.”

“That’s mostly what I do,” Clooney confirmed.

Colbert congratulated the 54-year-old actor and director on his nuptials to Amal last year as the couple approaches their first wedding anniversary on Sept. 27.

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“They said it wouldn’t last,” Clooney deadpanned.

The 51-year-old Late Show host even gave the Oscar winner a belated wedding present after feigning disappointment that he wasn’t invited to their wedding in Italy. (He joked that the two had just met before the taping.)

So what did Colbert gift Clooney and his for their wedding present?

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A paperweight from Tiffany’s with the engraving, “I don’t know you.” At least Colbert’s truthful!

Clooney, who appeared on the show without a project to promote, went on to discuss a fake movie he “filmed” called Decision Strike, where he “plays” Secretary General Clooney tasked to stop the world from falling victim to a nuclear bomb.

They threw to three pre-taped bits, including one “scene” where Clooney – dressed in a tux – said he was too busy romancing a girl in the room to save the universe.

“I did my own sex,” Clooney later ad-libbed when Colbert asked about the possible CGI nature of the scene. “In fact, I do my own sex – the audience deserves it.”

Earlier this summer, George and Amal Clooney enjoyed a romantic evening together in Lake Como, Italy. Press play to find out more.