Connie Britton Spills Her Ultimate Beauty Secret in Hilarious New Video: 'It's Feminism!'


Confession: We've always lusted after Connie Britton's luscious locks, and now we finally know her beauty secret… it's feminism!

The Nashville star is using flawless hair to star in a hilarious faux-shampoo commercial to promote The Representation Project.

This is the same organization behind the empowering #AskHerMore campaign, which encourages red carpet reporters to ask female celebrities about their accomplishments rather than what they are wearing.

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"When used regularly, feminism has been known to produce amazing results," the Friday Night Lights alum gushes to the camera. "Feminism is meant to be used on a daily basis and works best when shared."

The cheeky video, which was written, directed and co-produced by Britton’s Nashville co-star, Laura Benanti, also warns of the "side effects" of feminism including the passage of the equal-rights amendment, closing the wage-equality gap, and providing education to millions of girls worldwide.

"Feminism -- it's not what's on my head, it's what's in it," Britton concludes with a smile.

We'll take a billion bottles, Connie!