Caitlyn Jenner Actually Loves That Controversial Halloween Costume: 'I Think It's Great'

But she does have one tiny issue with the outfit...

Call her... not easily offended.

Caitlyn Jenner is speaking out about a newly minted Halloween costume in her likeness, which drew outrage from many for being potentially "transphobic." Turns out, Jenner is not one of the critics -- not even close.

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"I'm in on the joke. No, I don't think it's offensive at all," she told Matt Lauer in an interview for Today. "I know the community does, and they've gotten a lot of criticism for doing it. I think it's great."

The costume in question, being sold by multiple retailers, includes a padded white corset meant to resemble the bustier that Jenner wore in her groundbreaking Vanity Fair cover shot.

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But Jenner does have one minor issue with the costume. "To be honest with you, I think it's great," she said, "except they could have a better-looking outfit for them." Showcasing her sense of humor, Jenner added: "That was a serious bustier on the cover of Vanity Fair. I mean, at least get some good clothes."

There you have it. Dress like Caitlyn Jenner for Halloween? No problem, but at least make sure you're rocking some high quality garb! (Jenner's satin corset reportedly came from West Hollywood-based Trashy Lingerie, if you're wondering.)

"You've got to enjoy life," Jenner said. "Life's too short. I can't get too upset about that kinda stuff."

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