The Big Music Surprise at This Year's Apple Event Is...A OneRepublic Performance??


For the last week or so, there have been whispers online about what Apple’s big music surprise would be at this year’s special event.

Would it be a surprise album by Drake, who is rumored to be releasing his next album through Apple Music? Or Adele’s long (long, loooooooong) awaited 21-followup? Or an appearance by Taylor Swift, following their resolved beef over the company’s streaming service?

Nah. After two hours of news about the Apple Watch and a bigger iPad with a $100 pencil and a Modern Family-playing Apple TV for you and an iPhone 6S and 6S Plus that take live photos (also known as GIFs), Apple CEO Tim Cook welcomed to the stage...

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? It’s safe to say most people were unenthused:

To be fair, OneRepublic is, as Tim Cook said himself, “one of my absolutely favorite bands.” So he was probably excited. “This is a total surprise for us,” frontman Ryan Tedder joked. “We didn’t even know we were playing until 10 minutes ago.”

The band first played “Counting Stars,” before dedicating “I Lived” to Cook. They closed out the mini-set with “Good Life.” “I apologize for all the times you’ve been in Whole Foods and heard this song,” Tedder said. “By the way, iPhone 6S is gluten free!”

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At the end of 2014’s Apple Event, U2 announced their new album, Songs of Innocence, would be iCloud-ed onto everyone’s Apple devices for free. Problem is, not everyone wanted a U2 album in their library. ("I had this beautiful idea and we got carried away with ourselves," Bono later pseudo-apologized.)

Well, people clearly still have trust issues with Apple over it:

As of now, new music has magically appeared on our iPhones. Yet.

Now, go behind-the-scenes with OneRepublic on their “Native Summer Tour” and find out how they’re trying to be as good as Beyoncé:

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