Matthew McConaughey Was at Emily Blunt's U.S. Citizenship Ceremony and John Krasinski's Reaction Was Perfect


John Krasinski may have just become our hero.

The Office
actor's wife
, Emily Blunt, was on Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live! where she told the thoroughly entertaining story of when Matthew McConaughey was at her citizenship ceremony.

"McConaughey's wife [Camila Alves] was getting sworn in with me," The Devil Wears Prada star revealed. "McConaughey shows up looking like he's going on safari."

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"'You could have worn a shirt and tie,'" she quipped. "'Camila looks amazing!'"

Emily noted that the Oscar winner seemed to really get into the whole ceremony, and when she asked John how he enjoyed himself afterwards, he delivered perhaps the best response that has ever been uttered.

According to Emily, John said, "I was doing the best I could not to stand next to McConaughey in that courtroom, and go, 'All rise, all rise, all rise.'"

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Over. Done. Ended. You win John.

Things did go a little downhill from there when Jimmy gave Emily a "real" American citizenship test, where she failed to identify the names of the 7-11 Big Gulp, Major League Baseball, and Dairy Queen.

Watch her talk with Jimmy below.

As it turns out, McConaughey did have an interesting look for Camila's citizenship ceremony, but it still made for a fun family picture! Camila posted the snap of her and McConaughey with their three kids, Levi, 7, Vida, 5 and Livingston, 2.

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"Sorry all! I was gone for a bit and had to disconnect to connect in Thailand and Cambodia!" Camila wrote. "First day back and look what I just went thru. It is with great pride and honor that I am happy to say I now hold an American passport! I have so much respect and appreciation for this country... #newuscitizen."