Kim Davis Slammed by the Band Survivor for Playing 'Eye of the Tiger' During Jail-Release Rally

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If you haven’t kept up with the saga of Kim Davis so far, here it is in brief:

The clerk of Rowan Country, Kentucky has refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples -- i.e. refused to do her job -- since the Supreme Court’s decree in June. All of her appeals to higher courts, including SCOTUS, were shut down, yet the reborn Christian, who is thrice divorced herself, continued denying equality “on god’s authority.” I.E., again, she continued to not do her job -- and also, break the law. For the latter reason, she was held in contempt of court and jailed.

On Tuesday, she was released from the detention center to a rally thrown in her honor by anti-gay Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee. While Davis cried and praise hands emoji-ed in front of a crowd waving cardboard crosses on sticks, a familiar song played...

’s “Eye of the Tiger.” Seriously. We couldn’t make this stuff up.

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Many people online vocally disproved of Davis’ use of the song:

None more so than Survivor co-founder Jim Peterik, who tweeted, “I have not authorized the use of Eye of the Tiger for use by Kim Davis and my publisher will issue a C&D [cease and desist].”

“This does not reflect my views,” he stated.

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Meanwhile, current frontman Frankie Sullivan wrote on the band’s Facebook page, “NO! We did not grant Kim Davis any rights to use ‘My Tune - The Eye Of the Tiger.’ I would not grant her the rights to use Charmin!”

“C’mon Mike, you are not The Donald but you can do better than that,” he added.

Now, find out how singer Sam Smith called out anti-gay slurs on Instagram:

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