'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' Star Whitney Thore Gets Told to 'Kill Herself' Everyday on Twitter

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Whitney Thore, the 380-pound star of TLC's My Big Fat Fabulous Life, has some strong words for YouTube star Nicole Arbour's claim that fat shaming is "not a thing."

"Fat shaming is definitely a thing," Thore told ET. "It's alive and well."

Thore called Arbour's "Dear Fat People" video "heinous" in a video of her own that was uploaded to YouTube.

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In Arbour's clip, which she claims to be satire, she advises viewers to "shame people who have bad habits until they f**king stop."

"Dear Fat People" quickly garnered an avalanche of backlash from viewers and fellow YouTubers alike.

"Another YT troll has made an inflammatory fat shaming video. Sigh," Franchesca Ramsey tweeted. "This is your reminder to not share problematic vids and send them traffic."

According to Thore, the backlash is a good sign that society is moving in the right direction, which is particularly encouraging news for Thore who receives hateful messages all the time just based on her appearance.

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"I wake up to comments every single day all over my social media of people telling me to go kill myself," Thore said.

Much of Thore's weight gain is attributed to polycystic ovary syndrome, but she doesn't use it as an excuse. She learned how to ride a bike in front of reality show cameras for her TLC show, making it easier for her to get the exercise she needs.

"If you haven't lived in a fat body then you just don't know what it's like," Thore said. "Getting on a bike, to me, seemed like an insurmountable feat. Of course with my best friend Buddy at my side, it became an accomplishment and I ride that bike probably once a week. It's fabulous."

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After being diagnosed as pre-diabetic, her main focus this season is on leading a healthy lifestyle.

"Confidence is a product of action and it comes when you step out and do something that scares you and then you realize how much you're capable of," Thore said.

The second season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life launches Wednesday on TLC.