Kim Richards Returns to Twitter One Month After Latest Arrest, Says She's Still Sober

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Kim Richards returned to Twitter on Tuesday after a lengthy break, and she's opening up about her health and sobriety and making sure to send positive vibes.

"I hope you all had a fun & safe Labor Day," The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star tweeted on Tuesday. "I've missed you all! Thank you for all the Love. You all mean so much to me."

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She also shared some kind messages of self-acceptance and love, sharing, "It's a Wonderful Wednesday. Remember to appreciate and love yourself as well as others today."

Richards, who has faced a string of legal troubles this year, as well as multiple stints in rehab combating alcohol addiction, has been essentially silent on Twitter since April.

Now she's connecting with her followers and answering burning questions.

One Twitter user even asked Richards whether she was "still sober," to which she responded, "Yes I am."

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Others asked how she's been holding up in the face of her recent issues.

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In August, a source told ET that Kim was "getting the help and support she needs and wants," after getting arrested for shoplifting earlier that month -- and it was reported that Kim's family had considered placing her under a 5150 psychiatric hold. Check out the video below to hear more.

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