Debra Messing Wants 'Will & Grace' Co-Star Megan Mullally on 'Mysteries of Laura'!

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Debra Messing is ready to reunite with her former co-star.

Will & Grace
fans, we may never get to hear Karen Walker’s squeaky voice and dirty jokes again, but Debra Messing has the next best thing!

In the first season of Messing’s The Mysteries of Laura, her former onscreen BFF, Eric McCormack, made a guest appearance, and Messing said she’d welcome the rest of the Will & Grace cast to do the same.

"I would cry with joy if any of my castmates were able to come on the show," she told ET while promoting her partnership with Zyrtec. "That’s an open invitation!"

Messing revealed that she is in in regular contact with Megan Mullally, Sean Hayes and McCormack.

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But, Messing doesn’t see Mullally playing a "Karen"-like character on Mysteries of Laura. "I would love for her to play something completely against type," she said. "[Megan is] an extraordinary actress – I think people just want her to be funny or just want her to be extreme. I would love her to play a murderer that is very subtle and very complicated."

As for what to expect from season two of the NBC series, which premieres Sept. 23, Messing reveals the story jumps ahead five months from the finale. "We find out Laura has really been taking care of the kids while [her ex] Jake has been healing," she said. "He’s finally coming back to work, but he’s coming back as a fellow detective, not the captain. So now he and I are going to be partners -- that completely changes the whole dynamic in the precinct."

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While the chemistry between Messing and McCormack is legendary, she has the same connection to her current co-star, Josh Lucas. "He is a dream to work with," she said. "He’s a really gifted actor, and he’s very generous and very present … There’s a sense of play between us that is not always there between actors."

The two connect off screen as well. "He’s really extraordinary, and also just a really wonderful person," she gushed. "We’re both single parents, we both have boys, so we’ve bonded over the last year of working together."

That connection is evident in Messing’s social media posts – she calls Lucas her "man" in pics. "Every time they post something, I’m shocked or I’m affected or I’m horrified or I’m elated because I’ve learned something new. It’s like the perfect little gift that just comes every single day."

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Her Instagram photos range from encounters with bestie Mariska Hargitay to selfies that reveal exactly where she puts her concealer.

"There’s something really fun and liberating about showing your true self, showing the really ridiculous things that are part of your daily life that are usually protected from your fans," she said. "Usually it’s all controlled – like, we want you to appear flawless, like you have no problems, like your skin is perfect all the time – I like knocking that whole ideal down, and saying, 'You know what? I’m exhausted!'"

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