YouTube Superstar Gigi Gorgeous Reveals the Best Advice Miley Cyrus Has Given Her

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Gigi Lazzarato -- better known by millions of online followers as Gigi Gorgeous -- has gone from YouTube personality to mainstream celeb this summer, thanks in part to a burgeoning friendship with Miley Cyrus. The 22-year-old singer handpicked the YouTube star to appear in her Happy Hippie foundation's Instagram campaign, #InstaPride. 

The campaign celebrated transgender -- Gorgeous transitioned two years ago -- and gender expansive individuals through a series of portraits Cyrus posted on the photo-sharing network. The social drive was part of the foundation's ongoing efforts to fight injustice faced by LGBT youth and homeless teens.

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"Miley and I connected on social media," Gorgeous told ETonline. "And she's been nothing but so sweet, and I really, really respect her and her vision, because a lot of stars don't ... put their energy towards things like this, and it's really great to see such a big celebrity put her voice, and her message, and her passion behind this project."

Gorgeous and Cyrus' partnership didn't stop there. The pop star invited the 23-year-old Internet personality to appear alongside her in the September issue ofMarie Claire. Then, Cyrus had Gorgeous and the other #InstaPride stars introduce her surprise performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. 

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"Like, how did I get so lucky?" Gorgeous reflected on her night at the VMAs. "It's such a fun time. Like, being on stage with everyone at the VMAs? ... Definitely a 'pinch me' moment. Like, that was me up there!" 

Gorgeous' whole life could be called a "pinch me" moment right now. She's been acting, landed endorsement deals and has "a lot of exciting projects" coming up in the next couple of months. Gorgeous says she's not taking any of it for granted. She never expected this level of success when she first sat down to record a silent makeup tutorial in her childhood bedroom seven years ago. 

"I'm so grateful for everything that's happening," Gorgeous gushed. "I'm honestly just trying to have fun and live in the moment, because, you know -- things can pass you by sometimes. I try to be really grateful, and really humble, and just have fun ... that's what it's all about."

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Gorgeous plans to use her rising status as a platform to help others, somewhat following Cyrus' lead. 

"I think the best advice [Cyrus has] given me has been advice she hasn't said," Gorgeous added. "She works toward stuff, and for things and communities, that she's passionate about ... so, stand up for what you believe in and never take no for an answer." 

Check out the video above to hear more about Gorgeous' friendship with Cyrus, plus possible collaborations with Kylie Jenner -- quote, "Kylie's a really, really cool person" -- and Britney Spears! You can get more Gigi Gorgeous in your life by subscribing to her YouTube channel and by following her on Instagram

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