Watch Hugh Jackman Snort-Laugh His Way Through Eating a Scallop

Getty Images

In Hugh Jackman's latest Instagram video, he attempts to eat a fresh scallop while trying to keep his a tuxedo clean -- and the results are hilarious.

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The oversized scallop shell became so difficult to fit into his mouth that he starts to uncontrollably laugh. We dare you not to laugh along with him!

"My 'how to' lesson on eating a scallop without getting it on my shirt," the 46-year-old actor captioned the video, which he posted Friday. "Not as easy as it looks! #SOunattractive #classic."

After finally getting the scallop in his mouth, Jackman lets out a snort, while someone in the background jokes, "That's going to be SO attractive."

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The Wolverine actor is the only person who can snort-laugh while eating and still make it look absolutely charming.

If you thought Jackman's scallop eating was funny, then check out his Jim Carrey impression in the video below. It will make you laugh just as much!