Jake Gyllenhaal Is 'Proud' of His Prolific Year in Film, Natalie Portman 'Fulfilled' by Directorial Debut

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ET caught up with Jake Gyllenhaal at the Toronto Film Festival where he recapped his big year.

In between two major releases, the 34-year-old actor helped open the festival with his new movie Demolition, which releases wide after his other films Everest (opening Sept. 25) and Southpaw (in theaters now).

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"It's nice to have been doing all of these films and working with directors that are incredible and making movies that I'm proud of," Gyllenhaal told ET.

Demolition, opening April 8, 2016, is already getting rave reviews. In the film, also starring Naomi Watts and Chris Cooper, Gyllenhaal plays an investment banker struggling with the loss of his wife after she passes away in a tragic car crash.

"There was love between me and Julia," Gyllenhaal's character says in the trailer. "I just didn't take care of it."

Oscar winner Natalie Portman is gearing up for a benchmark year as she debuted her writing and directorial debut, A Tale of Love and Darkness, at the festival.

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"It was a really big challenge to take on for myself," Portman said, wearing a lace Lanvin gown. "But it was so fulfilling every step of the way."

Opening later this year, A Tale of Love and Darkness is based on the memoir of Amos Oz, a writer, journalist and advocate of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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