Amber Rose, Is That You? Model Is Unrecognizable in Black Wig


Amber Rose proved that she can pull off just about any hairstyle when she wigged out a bit over the weekend.

The 31-year-old model shared some Instagram pics of her donning long black hair, but had she not posted the photos herself, we may not have recognized her.

"I'm ready for u," she wrote to her 7.7 million Instagram followers.

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Rose, who usually keeps her hair super short, is really good at changing up her image. Wiz Khalifa's ex has gone incognito in other Instagram shots by simply becoming a blonde or a redhead for the day.

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Here she is in her Jessica Rabbit wig:

And as a blonde bombshell:

Is the black wig Rose's best look yet?

Rose might be sporting one of these hairstyles for her Amber Rose Slut Walk.

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She spoke with ET about the mission of this walk, set in Los Angeles on October 3.

"It brings awareness to a lot of men and women that [slut-shaming, victim blaming, rape and sexual assault happen] every single day," Rose explained. "It has happened to me on so many different levels. … I really have been through some things. ... I lived it. Maybe one day I'll tell me story. Until then I feel like if I can just help other women get through what they've been through, then that can also help me get to the next level in my life."

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