Amber Rose Shuts Down Matt McGorry in Her 'Walk of No Shame'


Ain't no shame in Amber Rose's game!

The 31-year-old appears in a new Funny or Die sketch, cheekily titled Walk of No Shame, and proudly struts down the street in her dress from the night before -- pink heels in hand.

"Say, it looks to me like you had sex last night," a milkman cheerily greets Rose, to which she replies with a big grin: "I sure did."

"Sounds like you're living your best life!" the milkman declares.

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How to Get Away With Murder actor and outspoken feminist Matt McGorry also makes an appearance in the short as one of Rose's former lovers, reminding the beauty that she forgot to leave him her number.

"No, I didn't," she quips.

Back in June, McGorry opened up to ETonline about why he's so passionate about supporting feminism.

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"I'm a white heterosexual male, and I have a lot of privilege in that way," he said. "When people make ignorant comments, I get angry, but I haven't personally been the subject of this sort of discrimination. So I think there's a certain level-headedness to it that I can bring, I hope. Even in my daily life, I get to have a conversation more simply because I'm putting it on social media, and my friends are asking me about it."

Rose has also been vocal in her sometimes polarizing support of women's rights, showing up to the MTV Video Music Awards last month in a body-suit with derogatory terms splashed all over it.

"We're just embracing the negativity," she told ET on the carpet, "because regardless if we're out with our sons, or we're out with our moms, or we got a new boo, we're always labeled as a slut because we're sexy and we're sexual beings. We got to the point where we're just over that."

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Rose is raising awareness for her first-ever Amber Rose Slut Walk, set for downtown Los Angeles on Oct. 3.

"It brings awareness to a lot of men and women that [slut-shaming, victim blaming, rape and sexual assault happen] every single day,” she told ETonline in a separate interview. "It has happened to me on so many different levels. ... I really have been through some things. ... I lived it. Maybe one day I'll tell my story. Until then I feel like if I can just help other women get through what they've been through, then that can also help me get to the next level in my life."

Keep on living your best life, Amber! See the interview, in which she also talks co-parenting with Wiz Khalifa and not partying with the Kardashians, in the player below.