Which Kardashian/Jenner Sister Has the Best App? Here's What the Reviews Say

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Can’t keep up with the Kardashians enough on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, every news story published about them, their personal blogs and various TV series? There’s an app for that!

and Khloé Kardashian and Kendall and Kylie Jenner have all launched their official apps. (Kourtney will release her app soon -- here’s why it’s not live yet.) The apps are free to download with a monthly subscription fee of $2.99, which Kylie says is “not a big deal.”

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But which app is best? We poured through the iTunes reviews for all four apps and, below, we ranked them, saving the best for last. Plus, we included a few choice reviews for you.


4. Kendall:
Kendall’s app has a 4-star rating, with over two-thirds of reviewers giving her five stars. But with less than a hundred reviews, it seems to be the least coveted of the apps.

“I am I a big fan of Kendall Jenner, she is the most amazing women in the world. I feel in love with this app as soon as I saw it and she is so incredibly talented, and let’s not forget how amazingly gorgeous she is. I recommend this app to everybody! Looking at her closet was the cutest thing ever, her clothes made me say awww [heart eyes emoji, heart eyes emoji, heart eyes emoji]”

Just Downloaded)))
“I just downloaded it and it’s supper awesome!! And YAY i can buy Kendall’s clothes!!! I Adore Her Style!!! Thx for creating this app LOVE IT SOO MUCH [heart emoji x 10] btw kendall if you will see this follow me on ig”

“I don’t know why this app exists. It’s ridiculous. How many people really want to see an app devoted entirely to Kendall Jenner (other than pervs, cuz in that case, it’s understandable)? And do we really want to encourage that kind of behavior? I guess I’m really preaching to Kendall herself right now. Don’t you make enough money modeling and whatnot? Why do you need this app that requires PAID MEMBERSHIP to even use?!? This is probably the third worst app I’ve ever seen on the AppStore (after the Kim and Kyle apps).”


3. Khloé:
Khloé’s app also has a 4-star rating, but appears far more polarizing: 75 percent of the hundred-plus reviews gave her five stars, while the other 25 percent rated one star.

“Omg Khloe’s live streams are the best lol she has no filter and you get to hear exactly what pops into her head in the moment!! She makes it worth the $2.99!!!!”

“Me encanta esta app [heart emoji]”

“1. Say what you are really wearing in Glam section. You only list choices that are similar. It makes you feel like not saying what you are really wearing is because your fans can’t afford it. 2. I don’t mind paying a monthly fee but the content is lacking. (I think the BJ section is totally inappropriate for your younger fans - app is rated 12 and up...but girls that young don’t need to see that) 3. Add some of your favorite recipes. Health foods/drinks you consume to stay fit. 4. Give us a tour of your house! 5. What inspires you? Your goals & dreams for the future. 6. Real life things you do. Favorite movies, tv shows, songs. 7. Give back to your fans!! Give away a swag bag/glam bag/shopping spree. I just feel like this app could show a more authentic side of you and what your life is like and how others can aspire to be like you not a knockoff version of you.”

“no hate towards you or your sisters, I love watching your family and each one of you. but each and everyone of you are freaking millionaires. $2.99 a MONTH? keep in mind not everybody in the word has been as fortunate as you have been. do you know what I got for my 18th birthday? I asked my mom to make a payment on my 11 year old car for me because I was struggling that month.”

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2. Kim:
Kim’s app has a 4-star rating with less than 20 percent one star reviews. Who cares about this app though, when she makes hundreds of millions off Kim Kardashian Hollywood?!?

Kim Kardashian is a tech genius!!
“I love Kim Kardashian I met her at her DASH book signing in LA. She’s amazing! So pretty! So poised and humble! I love this app as it is a true depiction of her personality. I hope there isn’t too many nude shots, especially since she has kids. Aside from that, Kim is a genius! She has a way of coming up with savy genius level mobile apps and we love it!! She’s a beast and I love the live streaming!! Go Kim! I love you! Stay strong! And I love your thickness especially while pregnant! You’re very pretty! Be nice to yourself sis! ;)”

“You can tell that Kim worked so hard on this app! It’s so nicely put together and gives you the best content! All her beauty tips and secrets are put out into the world to see. It’s only $3 per month, PER MONTH. 12 quarters. That’s nothing y’all. It’s worth that and much more.”

Best App
“Now i can pay monthly to watch a nationally glorified drama queen do her makeup 3 hours a day. I was previously using all this spare cash to help cure the diseased and feed the hungry but now I’ve seen the error of my ways. 10/10 Best App.”

“You’re old, go be a mom. Kylie wins [mean tongue out emoji]”


1. Kylie:
Kylie’s app may only have a 3-star rating, but it has been reviewed at least twice as many times as all of her sisters, combined -- over 800 ratings! Of those, she has more than 300 5-star reviews, which is, again, more than Kim, Khloé, and Kendall, combined.

“OMG LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH. I hope this can get me to connect with Kylie much better. I really want to meet her one day! [sparkly heart emoji x3, swirling heart emoji, wrapped heart emoji, arrow in heart emoji, vibrating heart emoji] ily kylie”


“This makes me excited! I’ve spent many nights glue to my laptop with Pinterest open to ‘Kylie Jenner Makeup’, trying to recreate your looks! It’s so neat that we can now see EXACTLY what you use, and it’s especially great that we get to know YOU a little more personally, too--something that I’m sure is extra difficult on social media (when you have to look through countless hateful comments so that you can find words of encouragement from fans who truly want to life you up). Thank you for letting your guard down and showing us another side of your beautiful soul! EXCITED FOR YOU! :)”

“Don’t buy it. It costs money, $2.99 a month no. It comes with make up tutorial or something if you want to look like kylie get lip surgery and Clare’s 12 year old make up kit just no.”

“I’m not about to pay to ‘know more about Kylie Jenner’. I don’t even pay for Netflix.”

Plus, Kylie told ET the breast implant rumors are actually a “compliment”:

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