What Gwen Stefani Has Learned from Her Tumultuous Year: 'Be Grateful For Even the Bad Things'

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Gwen Stefani has had a roller coaster of a year, from returning to The Voice to announcing her split from husband Gavin Rossdale in early August. But the No Doubt frontwoman is just rolling with the punches.

"I feel like the number one thing is living in the moment," Stefani told ET as she gears up for her exclusive MasterCard concert in New York City on October 17. "Because if you can just do that and sit there and be grateful, for even the bad things or the good things, then you'll have peace."

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Stefani and Ross split after 13 years of marriage, but announced that that they "remain partners in parenthood," and are committed to raising their three sons -- Kingston, 9, Zuma, 7, and Apollo, 1 -- in a "happy and healthy environment."

"I've been so blessed with such an incredible extraordinary life," the singer marveled to ET. "From the very beginning of time just in my own family and then continuing on to be able to make music. It gives everyone so much pleasure and to be able to write it and express myself and to be able to capture my feelings and then share that with people is just really priceless."

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The Voice
coach released her first studio album with No Doubt in 1992 and told ET she still can’t believe that her career has already spanned over 20 years and several multi-platinum albums.

"I never thought of myself as a career kind of person, or having a career," Stefani confessed. "I was so passive in high school, I just wanted to be a mom. So for me to look back and look at all of the stuff that I was so blessed to be part of, I just can't even believe it."

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But do her kids listen to their mom’s old tunes?

"They do not!" the singer laughed. "I took them to Aspen and it was super cool, I feel like that's the first time that they've seen the show. But they don't know any of those songs at all."

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