Liam Hemsworth Poses Pantsless to Show Off All His TIFF Swag

Even A-listers love a swag bag.

Even A-listers like Liam Hemsworth love a swag bag.

So impressed with all the free gifts he received at the Toronto International Film Festival, the 25-year-old Hunger Games star shared a pic of himself attempting to wear all the items, sans pants.

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Were the boxer briefs also a gift?

Both of the Hemsworth men have been showing some skin this week.

ET got some shirtless pics of Liam's older brother Chris surfing in the shark-infested waters of Byron Bay in New South Wales, Austrailia on Monday. A source tells ET that the 32-year-old Thor star went out to surf for about two hours at midday, when approximately 50 other surfers were also riding waves.

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And so the battle of who's the hotter Hemsworth brother continues...

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