Jimmy Fallon Skewers Donald Trump, Drives Hillary Clinton to Drink on 'Tonight Show'


'Toupee - I mean, touche.'

On the same night Donald Trump appeared on CNN’s GOP debate, the other Donald Trump (that’s Jimmy Fallon in a wig) wanted some quality time on the phone with presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

Dusting off his Trump suit yet again, Fallon jumped on the phone with Clinton as the former Celebrity Apprentice host on Wednesday’s Tonight Show to “interview” her before her real sit-down began.

Of course, the first matter at hand was Trump’s stance on women’s issues.

“Look, I know a lot of women and they all have issues,” fake Trump said, without elaborating on his rather succinct answer.

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The next question fake Trump asked was how Clinton planned to communicate her message to the American people. After Clinton shared her answer, it was time for “Trump” to give his critique.

“See, you sound like a robot – bleep, bloop, bleep, bloop. Does. Not. Compute,” Fallon as Trump said.

Instead, fake Trump gave Clinton his keys to winning.

“First, yell. I yell all the time! In fact, this phone isn’t even plugged in – and you’re hearing me, OK?” he said to audience laughter.

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“Next, pick three things everyone loves and say you hate them. Watch. Puppies? Stupid. Rainbows? Total losers. Fall foliage? Tree puberty,” fake Trump advised. How did Clinton respond? By taking a big swig of her glass of wine.

And no Trump sketch would be complete without a jab at his hair.

“At least [Bernie Sanders] doesn’t have at least one strand of hair that he twirls over his head like a soft-serve at Dairy Queen,” Clinton fired back.

“Toupee – I mean, touche,” fake Trump deadpanned.

On Friday, the real Trump made his late-night debut on The Tonight Show after announcing his run for presidential office in June. 

During the mirror sketch, Fallon played up Trump’s affinity for himself. “The only one qualified to interview me, is me,” he said in his classic Trump drag.

The two Trumps definitely saved the best for last, when Fallon wondered if the real Trump would bring on Gary Busey as vice president.

“Look, I love Gary. He’s fantastic, more of a Supreme Court justice kinda guy,” Trump said. “Vice president is a serious job, so I’ll probably go with Kanye West.”

Press play below to find out why Hillary doesn't want Kanye to run for president in 2020.