This Couple Recreated '101 Dalmatians' for Their Engagement Photos and It's Next Level Adorable

Melissa Biggerstaff/Rusty Lion Art

Roger and Anita IRL.

This is some aspirational couple adorableness.

"My future wife's favorite movie is 101 Dalmatians, and for our engagement photos she asked if we could recreate this one iconic scene," husband-to-be Tony Collier explains on imgur, referring to the scene where Roger and Anita first meet, thanks to some doggy intervention. "How could I resist?"

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Here's that iconic scene in question:

And here is Collier, 26, and his fiancée, fellow singer Corinne Jones, with their spot-on take, as shot by photographer Melissa Biggerstaff of Rusty Lion Art.

"Izzy and Mookie, although a bit older, pudgier, and sans spots are the greatest family pets and we wanted to make them an indelible part of our memories," Jones, 25, told The Huffington Post of their doggy co-stars.

Melissa Biggerstaff/Rusty Lion Art

Otherwise, nailed it. They were even dedicated enough to get soaking wet!

Melissa Biggerstaff/Rusty Lion Art

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"I've always loved that Roger and Anita were not the typical fairy tale," Jones told Buzzfeed News."They were believable characters who didn't just come together merely by wishing on a star and casting a magic spell. Pongo had to take the first step."

Melissa Biggerstaff/Rusty Lion Art

The cute couple met at the University of Illinois in 2009, and both worked at Disney World after graduation, according to Cosmopolitan. How fitting is that? They now live in Naperville, Illinois, where they are both teachers, and plan to wed in June 2016.

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