Tyler Oakley & Grace Helbig Hope for 'Unedited' Kardashians on Apps, Want Kris Jenner to Do 'Cinnamon Challeng

Tyler and Grace also reveal which celebs they think should launch their own YouTube channels.

It’s no secret that Tyler Oakley and Grace Helbig are two of the most famous YouTube stars on the planet. The pair, set to host Thursday night’s Streamy Awards, has over 10 million YouTube subscribers combined and massive social followings on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

So, what do the digital media sensations think of the Kardashians’ new lifestyle apps that were launched this week ? They’re hoping for unfiltered Kardashian content galore.

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“I just want to see them have fun and be like dumb idiots on YouTube,” Tyler, 26, said. “We just have fun being a mess. I think that’s the beauty of YouTube, is that you don’t have to be your best, edited, perfect-lighting self… As long as you’re having fun, the audience has fun too.”

Grace agrees, suggesting the ladies participate in “some sort of yoga challenge.”

But Tyler, inspired by Grace’s recommendation, has another idea. “Cinnamon! I want to see Kris Jenner do the cinnamon challenge… with ME.”

Take note, Kris – you’ve been challenged!

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So, we know what content they want to see from the Kardashians, but what about the topics Tyler and Grace choose to steer away from on their personal channels?

“You know, I never talk about family or relationships,” Tyler shares. Instead, he’s saving the more personal subjects for his first book, Binge, set to hit shelves in October. Grace, already a published author, concurs.

“There’s something about writing more personal things in a book and knowing someone reads that in the privacy of their own house… and its words, not you saying them out loud.”

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Something they aren’t afraid to talk about is the backlash surrounding Nicole Arbour’s "Dear Fat People" YouTube video.

“I think one of the greatest things we can remind ourselves as content creators is that we do have a responsibility to the audience that’s watching,” says Grace, who reacted to Nicole’s video on her own YouTube channel.

“Regardless of intention, there is an impact to your words whether you have one follower or a million,” Tyler adds. “That same impact can be felt by someone and it can affect somebody's life, and so to be conscious of it and cognizant of it with every action is important.”

Check out Grace and Tyler live hosting The Streamy Awards on Thursday, September 17, on VH1 – or on YouTube!

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