'The View' Attempts to Make Amends With Nurses After Major Fallout -- Is It Enough?

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The View
is trying to get back in the good graces of nurses.

After the co-hosts' comments about nurses on Monday led to outrage and the eventual loss of two major advertisers, the ABC daytime talk show responded on Friday with a show basically devoted to celebrating nursing.

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"We've been talking a lot about nurses this week," said co-host Joy Behar. "And today The View is going to CELEBRATE nurses!"

"You let us know that you were offended by some of our comments and, believe me, we were listening," she continued. "We apologize for our remarks and we know how vitally important nurses are."

Then Behar invited out "the dedicated professionals from NYU College of Nursing to share firsthand what these hardworking nurses do on a daily basis."

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While the highlighting of the hard work nurses do is certainly welcome, some on Twitter suggested the show's efforts were a little insincere. One fan wrote, "Could the loss of [Johnson&Johnson] have anything to do with this?"

The backlash started when the co-hosts were recapping last Sunday's Miss America pageant, when Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson opted to give a monologue about being a nurse for the talent portion of the program.

She came out in a nurse’s uniform and basically read her emails out loud and shockingly did not win,” co-host Michelle Collins joked. “I was like, that’s not a real talent.”

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“Why does she have a doctor’s stethoscope on?" co-host Joy Behar added.

By Wednesday, Johnson & Johnson, and Eggland's Best both decided to pull their advertising from the program.

"Johnson & Johnson values and appreciates nurses and we respect the critical role they play in our healthcare system," the company said on its Facebook page. "We disagree with recent comments on daytime television about the nursing profession, and we have paused our advertising accordingly."

In a statement, Eggland's Best wrote: "Eggland’s Best appreciates nurses and values the important role they play in family health. In light of the comments about the nursing profession recently made on daytime television we will no longer be advertising on the show in question."

"My talent is taking care of people, and caring about other people," Johnson said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday. "I thought, 'You know, I want to go up there and I want to be authentic. I want to be Kelley.'"

"And if I’m ever going to win Miss America, I want to do it being myself," she added. "And I’m a nurse!"

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On Wednesday, The View hosts apologized for the controversy. Co-host Michelle Collins said, "We love nurses. We adore you. We respect you. You guys are wonderful. You’re the most compassionate people. I was not talking about nurses, we were talking about the talent competition, and it got misconstrued."

Behar added that she was "just not paying attention," saying, "I was looking at a Miss America tape, and there’s a woman wearing an outfit with a stethoscope, and I’m thinking is she in a costume?"

"I didn’t know she was a nurse," she said. "I’m used to seeing them in gowns and bathing suits."

What do you think of The View's attempts to make amends with nurses?