'My Drunk Kitchen' Star Hannah Hart & Miss Glamorazzi Ingrid Nilsen Are So Adorably In Love at the Streamys

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The biggest stars of the Internet hit the red carpet on Thursday night for the 5th Annual Streamy Awards, celebrating the best in online video. Two of those stars were YouTubers Hannah Hart and Ingrid Nilsen, better known as the host of My Drunk Kitchen and "Miss Glamorazzi," respectively. 

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The two have very different brands online. Hart talks all things food and LGBT, while Nilsen focuses on beauty and lifestyle content. But followers of both creators -- they have a combined subscriber-base of more than six million -- have noticed they've been spending a lot more time together in recent months.

Nilsen came out as gay in an emotional video in June, and ever since, viewers have been "shipping" the pair -- hoping they would get together. Fans even gave the duo the couple name "Hangrid." 

Well, now we know Hangrid is real! Hart teased the couple's relationship in the new issue of DIVA Magazineearlier this week. 

"I met someone who's a great fit for me," Hart said, without revealing Nilsen's identity. "She's also a YouTuber ... we've actually been friends for a couple of years and then circumstances kind of aligned ... She's one of the most brilliant, soulful people I've ever met." 

Hart and Nilsen's followers were able to put the pieces together, and the couple officially confirmed the news to ET at the Streamys. 

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"Yes, Hannah is amazing," Nilsen gushed, blushing after ET read her Hart's DIVA quotes. "She's amazing. She's wonderful, and we're very happy." 

One thing making the couple even happier is the incredibly positive response from fans about their relationship. 

"Honestly, we were not expecting it," Nilsen said. "At all. We just thought it would be something where people notice and they'd be like, 'Yeah!' But we were not expecting, you know, the outpour of love that we received and it's great, because it seems like people love love, and so do we. It's a beautiful thing."

"I think it's just great," Hart told us about finally having their relationship out in the open. "I mean, it's just nice to have somebody like Ingrid in my life."

Hart and Nilsen's friends and fellow YouTubers are part of the outpouring of support. They couldn't help but smile when we asked them about the news on the Streamys carpet. 

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"It's just nice to see when your friends are really happy," Grace Helbig, who was hosting the show, told ET. "When they feel happy because they found great feelings in someone else that's a really great person. So, I can't be anything but happy. It's really exciting!"

"I think it's really cool," Joey Graceffa said. He recently started sharing more about his personal life on own his channel. 

"It's a scary thing, definitely," Graceffa continued. "Like, to share a relationship? I don't know... sometimes fans can feel like they have a big part of that relationship, and it can get a little messy, but it can also be a really awesome, positive thing. So, yeah, I'm happy for them."

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