HSN President Defends Jessica Simpson's Bizarre Appearance

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Was Jessica Simpson drunk during Thursday's Home Shopping Network appearance or just ditzy? HSN president Bill Brand weighed in.

"Of course she wasn't drunk," Brand told ET, standing by the star whom he called a "top-notch professional."

"She was here. She was thrilled to be here," Brand added. "I can tell you our team loved working with her."

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While Jessica promoted her clothing line alongside her mom Tina, many viewers wondered about her behavior. Twitter users accused her of rambling and pointed out that she was swaying back and forth.

Brand pointed out that being on HSN requires more endurance than a normal talk show appearance and can take a lot out of someone.

"I think what you have to take into account when you're on HSN it's very different than traditional television in the sense that it's not just a Q&A on a talk show, where you get a question and an answer. This is two hours live," Brand said. "It's a completely different beast."

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Despite the backlash, Jessica's sales seemed unaffected. Host Colleen Lopez declared on Facebook that they had a "sell out show."

"It was fun to have Jessica make her HSN debut with her mother Tina last night," the network told ET. "We were happy to host them and thrilled with the way customers responded to the collection."

Jessica's brand reportedly raked in $1 billion in sales last year alone.