Kate Hudson Sips Wine and Eats Cheese Puffs While Lounging in Her Bikini!

This has gotta be one of her cheat days!

As if we didn't want to be best friends with Kate Hudson already, she goes and has the best weekend ever.

Hudson flashed her insanely fit physique while on a boat this weekend, but also got her bag of cheese puffs and glass of white wine in the pic. "Pontoon Sunday ?? #FootballLiveFeed #HappySunday," the 36-year-old actress Instagrammed to her 2.2 million followers.

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Hudson's Sunday also included some mother-son bonding with her oldest boy Ryder. Posting a video of the two jumping off the boat, Hudson wrote: "Perfect day ☀️ #HappySunday #LoveMyBoy #RyderMan #BobMarley #OneDrop #PontoonSunday."

Sunday Funday, indeed!

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While Hudson indulged a bit this weekend, she has given ET some tips on how to stay fit. The mother-of-two recommends getting into the mindset of working out the parts of your body that are the most challenging.

“I think my least favorite is the abs. But I think when it’s your least favorite, it’s also the most important because it really means you need to strengthen it,” she shared.

Hudson is quickly becoming one of our Instagram favorites, especially after she started a campaign to get Jennifer Aniston to join the photo-sharing site. Check out the actress' sweet selfie: