Candace Cameron Bure Suffers Makeup Mishap While Praising Nurses in Light of 'The View' Controversy

'Sometimes nurses are the only ray of sunshine that a parent or person sees in a day.'

Candace Cameron Bure is full of respect and honor for nurses.

The 39-year-old actress opened up to ET at an Emmys pre-party on Friday about the recent controversy her co-hosts on The View have found themselves in following recent comments about nurses.

"I'm really happy that The View issued an apology and celebrated nurses on the show," said Candace, who has done limited filming for The View due to her Fuller House shooting schedule. ". Having grandparents who have passed away, I have so much gratitude and appreciation for nurses and having so many friends who have children too that are sick."

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"As a mom with three kids, one who's had life-threatening surgeries, a husband who's a professional athlete I've sat through multiple surgeries with him," Candace added. "I've spent countless hours in hospitals and sometimes nurses are the only ray of sunshine that a parent or person sees in a day. I love what they do, I'm so appreciative of them, like go nurses! Nurses unite."

While at the event, Candace had something of a makeup mishap, when cameras made her face look slightly whiter and over-powdered.

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The culprit here is clearly the flashy cameras. In person, the Fuller House actress looked on point in a rosy floral gown.

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After the controversial comments The View co-hosts made about nurses last week led to backlash and the loss of major sponsors, the program apologized and dedicated significant time to celebrating nurses and highlighting all the hard work they do.

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"We've been talking a lot about nurses this week," said co-host Joy Behar on Friday's show. "And today The View is going to CELEBRATE nurses!"

"You let us know that you were offended by some of our comments and, believe me, we were listening," she continued. "We apologize for our remarks and we know how vitally important nurses are."

Watch below.

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