Anne Hathaway Responds to 'Mary Poppins' Rumors

Even Robert De Niro is into the idea of 'The Intern' star stepping into Julie Andrews' shoes.

Everyone wants Anne Hathaway to play Mary Poppins, and ET got the scoop from the actress herself!

Earlier this month, it was reported that Disney was looking to update its classic 1964 film, and almost immediately, the Internet pinpointed The Intern star to step into Julie Andrews’ shoes. On Sunday, ET spoke to the 32-year-old actress about being the people’s favorite to take over.

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Even her Intern co-star Robert De Niro was all for the idea.

“I saw them announce it on television and they mentioned Mary Poppins and I was thinking – I said, ‘That’s Annie,’” the 72-year-old veteran actor confessed to ET, calling her a “terrific” pick.

“Really?!” a shocked Hathaway responded. “Cool! No one’s talked to me about it.”

But Hathaway may have some competition if she wants the role. Her friend and former Devil Wears Prada co-star Emily Blunt is also on many people’s shortlists.

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“I feel like she’s going to get it – she’s British,” Hathaway conceded.

While it remains to be seen if Hathaway will be the next Mary Poppins, one thing’s for sure: She’s petitioning to get herself cast in the yet-to-be-announced Trainwreck sequel. (Hathaway was the butt of a very funny joke in the summer hit.)

“I will watch that,” Hathaway said. “I would love to see me in that. Not gonna lie, that’s just an open-hearted wish!”

And move over Jennifer Lawrence, Hathaway is the latest actress to pine over Amy Schumer – and she proved she’s a diehard fan of the comedian’s Emmy-winning show. Turns out, she’s a fan of Inside Amy Schumer’s hilarious “12 Angry Men” parody.

“I think it’s brilliant,” the Oscar winner revealed. “It’s so funny and insightful and brilliant and brave and one of the best things I’ve seen in I don’t know how long.”

Hear that Schumer, that’s high praise!

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