Adele's New Album Might Be Coming Out in November and People Are Losing Their Minds

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It has been five years since Adele released hermasterpiece of an album, 21, and taught us how to set fire to the rain. The album had hits on hits -- “Rolling in the Deep,” “Someone Like You” -- and won Adele every single Grammy in the world.

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But the world needs a new Adele album. Seriously, 21 is still in the top iTunes charts and, it’s worth repeating, it came out five years ago. How are there still people buying 21? Doesn't everyone in the world own 21 by now?!

In May of 2014, Adele tweeted, “Bye bye 25... See you again later in the year x.” Reasonable people took this to mean she would release a new album, titled 25, before the end of 2014.

Then...nothing. SHE’S 27 NOW.

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Last month, Adele’s record label, XL, apparently confirmed to Billboard that the album would be released in November of this year.

That’s nice to hear, but we’re not getting our hopes up just to be let down.

Now, oOOOOoooOOOo rumour has it, there is apparently an official release date. Hits Daily Double claims the album is “slated for 11/20,” with a single dropping the first or second week of November.

OK, we can’t help but get a little excited hearing that.

We don’t know much about what Adele's been working on, except that she’s been working with Danger Mouse and Ryan Tedder (“Rumour Has It”) and Max Martin (every pop song ever). ET reached out to Adele’s people, but her rep simply said, "No comment."

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Still, people are FREAKING. OUT.

Don’t break our heart, Adele. Give us that new album on Nov. 20, please.

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