Parents Are Using the New Snapchat Filters to Scare Their Kids and It's Horribly Hilarious



If you haven’t gotten around to updating your Snapchat yet -- or you’re a very mature adult who doesn’t use Snapchat -- they recently added new filters that can make a rainbow come out of your mouth or make you cry big, fake tears or, as Kylie Jenner demonstrates below, turn you into a monster:

So fun, right!

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Not for these children!
Not for these wee, innocent, naïve children of parents who think it’s hilarious to use the new filters to scare them:

But honestly, that “Mu-mmy!” gets us every time.

Their adorable, non-Snap-savvy brains just can’t comprehend what’s going on:



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Reaction to these videos is understandably mixed, with some thinking it’s absolutely awful parenting and others who believe it’s just a bit of harmless fun:

If it makes you feel better, kids are using the filters to scare their parents too:

Now, watch Scream Queen Lea Michele get scared half to death on Ellen: