EXCLUSIVE: 'Who's The Boss' Star Danny Pintauro Tells Oprah What Happened After He Came Out

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Danny Pintauro
-- who starred in the ’80s sitcom Who’s The Boss, came out publicly in 1997 and married his husband last year in a beachfront wedding -- is about to share a life-changing secret with Oprah Winfrey.

The 39-year-old will appear on this Saturday’s episode of Oprah: Where Are They Now to discuss the epidemic of crystal meth use within the gay community.

Pintauro confessed to Oprah, in our exclusive sneak peek clip above, that his life changed "100 percent" after the National Enquirer threatened to out him -- so he came out as gay.

"I never got a job again as an actor, partly, and that happens. And back then you didn’t have Will and Grace, you didn’t have any of that and other factors were involved too," he says, "Then three years later, when I actually started trying, everyone has forgotten about me and all they knew is these two things which is that I'm a child celebrity, Jonathan Bower, and that I'm gay."

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When he was trying to get back into the acting business, Pintauro revealed that he has "done it all" when it comes to jobs. "I was a talent agent assistant for many many years, I was a casting assistant for many years. I sold Tupperware for a while."

After a quick but endearing tangent about the joys and satisfaction of snapping a lid onto a Tupperware container, Oprah asks, "But what did you say to yourself when you were selling Tupperware?"

"I said that I've tried a whole bunch of other things and nothing is happening right now and nothing is working, and some friends of mine sell Tupperware -- they're drag queens," he says.

Pintauro claims that it was a "great experience," explaining, "You get your friends together for a bachelorette party or a birthday and a drag queen sells you the Tupperware. It's genius, seriously."

"So I thought, 'Hey! Former child celebrity, wouldn’t it be fun to hang out with me and buy plastic?'" the former actor adds with a laugh,. "It didn’t work."

Oprah: Where Are They Now? with Danny Pintauro airs Saturday, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Own. Tune in to watch his dramatic story -- and come back to ETonline Sunday for more coverage.